Virtual Delegation 2021

ECOS Delegates (coming soon!)

GYDI is proud to convene a virtual delegation for the 31 May to 17 June 2021 Subsidiary Bodies (SB) session of the UNFCCC.

While this SB will happen only remotely - and thus is not considered a formal negotiating session - it nonetheless serves as the first official convening of the UNFCCC process since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, resulting in a postponement of all in-person sessions. As circumstances for future sessions remain uncertain, this SB will attempt to advance the work of many key agenda items ahead of the still-anticipated COP26 to be held in Glasgow, Scotland.

These circumstances aside, GYDI maintains the importance for members of civil society - considered "Observers" to the UNFCCC - to engage alongside the deliberations conducted by governments. Their perspectives and recommendations, especially those of young people, contribute new ideas and solutions to the process; meanwhile, they also promote transparency and accountability of the process by following and reporting on the discussions.

For more information on the Virtual SB, please consult the UNFCCC webpage here.

GYDI is supporting the virtual SB participation of members from both ECOS and YOUNGO (see also Our Network).

Delegation Activities & Events (coming soon!)

Overall, GYDI is virtually hosting 22 delegates from 16 countries for the SB. Please consult the links below to learn more about the full roster of GYDI Delegates, as well as the activities of the Delegation.

The Head of Delegation for all of GYDI's SB activities is the organization's Founder & President, Timothy Damon.

Timothy is experienced from joining 7 COPs and 6 SBs in person since 2011, having participated with multiple NGOs and also supported the delegations of several Parties. A former Focal Point of YOUNGO from 2016 and a current Co-Focal Point of ECOS, he remains deeply committed to empowering the next generations of young people entering the UNFCCC process and striving to implement climate action back in their national contexts.

GYDI Engagement in the Virtual SB