ECOS members and colleagues, following their press conference, Bonn, Germany.

GYDI is uniquely positioned between multiple global networks from which it harnesses collaborative energy and talent to the task of empowering young leaders for climate action.

As an accredited NGO with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), GYDI contributes to both the intergovernmental decision-making process and the implementation of those decisions by supporting governments, the UN, and other stakeholders from civil society.

Specifically, we align with three key networks around the UNFCCC:

YOUNGO (the official Youth Constituency of the UNFCCC), which gathers climate-engaged youth and youth organizations from around the world, bringing the voice of young people into the UNFCCC process and also fostering their collective actions on climate change.

ECOS (the Education, Communication, and Outreach Stakeholders community of the UNFCCC), which unites individuals and organizations seeking to leverage education and public engagement for enhanced actions on climate change. The most recent UNFCCC press conference by ECOS is available here (from June, 2019).

RINGO (the Research and Independent NGOs constituency), which links the many research and academic entities who contribute to climate action by various means. Many students from RINGO also identity with YOUNGO.

These relationships, established during the 10+ years of climate engagement by GYDI's founder and President, Timothy Damon, provide the organization with a unique and varied set of skills, perspectives, access points, and other resources vital to achieving its programmatic objectives and overarching mission.

GYDI Founder and President, Timothy Damon, addresses the UNFCCC in Bonn, Germany.

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